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Are you ready to go beyond the everyday savings account? With Baines Credit Microfinance daily, weekly, monthly or fixed deposit plan, you will enjoy high interest rate. The Bank has the following savings products:

  1. Daily Savings Account: This savings product is designed for traders or market sellers who can save on daily basis with Baines Credit MFB.
  2. Baines Kids Account: This product is designed for children below the age of 18years to enable their parent save for them to fulfil parental obligations and imbibe savings culture in the children.
  3. Target Savings Account: This product is designed for client who have projects ahead and wish to save funds towards the project within the time available.
  4. Fixed deposit: This product is avail to all categories of our account type.

The interest rate on our savings and fixed deposit accounts are highly competitive.

  1. Baines Corporate Current Account: This is a company account product that comes with same features of corporate accounts with commercial bank. Client have access to clearing cheques, Payroll Services, LPO or Contract Financing, Asset Finance, POS Terminal etc. The account is for registered business. The minimum opening balance is N10,000.00. Client can also access DEBIT Card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
  2. Baines Individual Current Account: This account product comes with same features of individual current accounts with any commercial bank. Client have access to cheque book, DEBIT Card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, Third party withdrawal, etc.

The product is to enable account holders meet identified future financial needs like school fees, house rent, business need, weddings etc.


  • Minimum account opening deposit of N10,000.00
  • Minimum deposit tenor of six (6) months
  • Minimum total contribution of N60,000.00
  • Flexible contribution scheme (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • 5% Per annum interest rate payable monthly
  • Withdrawal within tenor will require total interest accrued forfeited


  • Secures basic Healthcare HMO for 1 year
  • Health care benefit can be transferred to a beneficiary
  • Can serve as collateral for loan up to 75% of deposit position
  • Interest paid monthly

Mode of Collection

  • Cash Deposit
  • Transfer to clients NUBAN account with Baines or Baines account in Stanbic
  • PAYSTACK direct debit mandate

Target Market

  • Salary Earners
  • Petty Traders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artisans
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