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Have control over your future with Baines Credit Investment Plan

Fixed Deposit Account

Invest your money for a fixed period and earn a higher yield interest.

Our Fixed Deposit Account is tailored to satisfy both Corporate and

How to make a Fixed Deposit‚Äč

Fill an account opening form.

Determine how much you want to deposit (minimum of N250, 000).

Choose the tenor of your investment plan (60 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days).

Make an online transfer or give a cheque

info box


High interest rate ( higher than what is obtainable with the demand deposit products).

Can be used as collateral to access our loans

Interest rate is agreed.

Amount can be terminated before maturity. However, accrued interest
would be forfeited.

Your savings are fully insured by NDIC.


When you look into the future, there you are with Baines Invest.

Baines Invest empowers investors, salary earners, and traders amongst others with the power of investment and higher interest rates to unlock their financial dreams. It provides safe and convenient investments to the target audience.


Minimum account opening deposit of N50,000.00

Minimum deposit tenor of six (6) months

Minimum total contribution of N300,000.00

Flexible contribution scheme (daily, weekly, monthly or one-off)

10% Per annum interest

Interest payment could be monthly or at tenor end


Basic HMO benefit for two

Health care benefit can be transferred to a beneficiary

Can serve as collateral for loan up to 75% of deposit position

Earn above savings account interest

Target Market

Salary Earners

Upwardly Mobile Individuals


Business Owners

Mode of Collection

Cash Deposit

Transfer to clients NUBAN account with Baines or Baines account in Stanbic

PAYSTACK direct debit mandate

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