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Earn Up To 15% When You Open A Fixed Deposit Account

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I have met someone who says ‘I wish I had money, if only I have money to implement this idea, I’ll break financial barriers’

We make such statements daily.

It’s hard to believe but the truth is ‘Money is so much of a hindrance to people. Ignorance of how to access money is the greater barrier’

Nigerian students has been “quarantined’ by ASUU for the past 5 months. In these 5 months if a student had begun a a business, so much progress would have been made.

BainesCredit microfinance bank is licensed by the CBN as a microfinance bank in Lagos, our savings and investing app – Blinkcash app is trusted and used by 10,000+ Nigerians and so we have put a free webinar to inform Nigerians on a better way to save, invest and better manage money for business and personal use. 

Who do we intend to help?

 1. The young Nigeria with blockbuster ideas but do complains of lack of funds. Let us show you how to raise fund for that idea.

 2.  The Nigerian that has a business but your services are not adequate and your revenue is suffering. You need fund for expansion, this webinar us for you.

 3.  The Nigerian 9-5 worker who no time for anything outside work but before your salary comes, it has gone down the drain, we’ll teach you how to run a successful business without being physically present.

 4.  Nigerians students and unemployed youths that intends to earning by working from now.. We’ll introduce you to the freelancing work.

All these are our contribution to the development of Nigeria.

How much do you have to pay?

You won’t pay 20,000 naira, not 10,000.

You will not pay a dime. Attending to people seeking loans, we realize that Nigerians needs to be educated.

All have you to do is follow us on social media using the handles below then click the registration details to fill in your details..




Register with the link below

Note: There  are only 50 slots available. Hurry to secure your spot

Follow on our social media handles, to get the latest updates 

Details of event will be sent to you via mail.

See soon in class.

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