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    Terms and Conditions

    Definition of Terms

    As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meaning/s: “CARD” – DEBIT Cards issued by BAINESCREDIT MFB PLC “CARDHOLDER” – The person to whom or for whose use a
    CARD is issued by the ISSUER; the term shall likewise include the person to whom a supplementary credit card is issued upon the application of the primary CARDHOLDER. The primary cardholder is the main applicant for whom a credit card is
    issued by the bank and who has an option of requesting for more than one card on his behalf which would be used by
    other persons referred to as Supplementary Cardholders.
    “CREDIT LIMIT” – The maximum outstanding balance of charges
    which the CARDHOLDER and his/her supplementary
    CARDHOLDERS are allowed to maintain at any given time
    subject to security features and credit limit management
    features that the ISSUER may impose for the benefit of the
    CARDHOLDER “CBN – Central Bank of Nigeria “INSTALMENT” –
    The facility which allows CARDHOLDERS to purchase selected
    goods and services from merchants using their CARD and to
    pay for the same, together with applicable interest and other
    fees, in equal monthly payments. In certain instances, or
    promotions, ISSUER may allow the CARDHOLDER to convert
    cash advance transactions, existing balances on the CARD or
    balances on credit cards from other issuers into instalment
    transactions, which shall be payable in equal monthly
    payments subject to the applicable interest and other fees.
    “BAINESCREDIT MFB GROUP” means the company’s wholly or
    partially owned by the ISSUER, its parent companies or under
    common ownership with it. “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” or
    “AGREEMENT” – These Terms and Conditions for BAINESCREDIT
    MFB’s Credit Card Products

    The Card

    The CARD issued is the sole property of BAINESCREDIT MFB. It is
    non-transferable and will be accepted at accredited merchants only
    when properly signed and presented by the
    CARDHOLDER whose
    name and signature are indicated on
    the CARD.

    Card Replacement

    Unless earlier terminated or cancelled, the ISSUER may
    replace the
    CARD from time to time at a cost to the

    Responsibility of the CARDHOLDER

    UThe CARDHOLDER shall be liable for all transactions and the amounts charged to the CARD, including cash advances,
    interest and all the non-refundable fees and other charges
    and taxes required by the government, whether made in
    Nigeria or abroad and hereby agrees to accept and pay for
    such amounts without the necessity of proof of a signed
    charge slip.
    All charges, advances or amounts in currencies
    other than Naira shall be automatically converted at the time
    of posting to the relevant billing currency at the Card
    Scheme’s foreign exchange selling rate, and shall be charged
    additional fees equivalent to the following: The Transactional
    fees shall be imposed at the sole and absolute discretion of
    the ISSUER, and may be subject to change at any time without
    Such billing currency amount represents the amount
    due to the ISSUER for the ISSUER’s purchase and payment on
    the CARDHOLDER’s behalf of the foreign currency necessary
    to discharge the amount/s due to Card Scheme and/or the
    acquiring bank and/or foreign Merchants affiliate/s. For cash
    advances through any designated automated teller
    machines (ATM) which accept the CARD, the CARDHOLDER
    shall be assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by the
    ISSUER. The CARDHOLDER shall change his/her ISSUERassigned
    PIN through any BAINESCREDIT MFB ATM only. The
    CARDHOLDER shall at all times keep his/her PIN confidential
    and shall not, under any circumstance, disclose the same to
    any person or compromise its confidentiality. The
    CARDHOLDER agrees that transaction and/or all cash
    advances using the CARD shall be conclusively presumed to
    have been personally made or authorised by the
    CARDHOLDER. The ISSUER may change the credit card
    number and/or expiry date when issuing a replacement card to the CARDHOLDER. The CARDHOLDER is solely responsible
    for communicating this change to any party with whom the
    CARDHOLDER may have payment arrangements. The ISSUER
    will not be responsible for any consequences arising from
    declined transactions, whether submitted under the old card
    number or otherwise. The CARDHOLDER shall safely keep the
    CARD and not use the CARD after its expiry date or upon its
    cancellation or suspension nor permit anyone to use the CARD
    for any reason whatsoever The CARDHOLDER shall provide the
    ISSUER with copies of additional/updated documents that the
    ISSUER may reasonably require from time to time, including but
    not limited to copies of his/her latest Income Tax Return
    stamped received by the Internal Revenue Board.

    Joining, Subscription, Monthly Maintenance and Annual Fees

    The CARDHOLDER shall pay the ISSUER a joining, subscription,
    monthly maintenance, and an annual fee as may be
    determined by the ISSUER from time to time. The annual fee
    and joining fee shall cover the administrative costs incurred by
    the ISSUER for the issuance and maintenance of the CARD.
    The subscription fee, such as mileage programme fee, allows
    the CARDHOLDER to enjoy the benefits of the programme
    subscribed to, such as redeeming miles against points under a
    mileage programme. The ISSUER reserves the right to alter from
    time to time any benefits and/or the credit limit applicable to
    any CARDHOLDER without any prior notice to or consent from
    the CARDHOLDER. Such benefits and credit limit shall further
    be subject to the other terms and conditions for the use of the
    CARD. All paid fees indicated herein are non-refundable even
    if the credit privileges are suspended or terminated, or if the
    CARD is surrendered by the CARDHOLDER before the expiry
    In case of loss or theft of the CARD, the CARDHOLDER shall
    immediately report such fact in writing to the ISSUER, giving
    details of the place, date and circumstances of the incident
    and the last transaction(s) and/or purchase(s) made prior to
    the loss or theft. Liability of the CARDHOLDER for all
    transactions, purchases and/or cash advances made through
    the use of the lost or stolen CARD shall cease upon written
    by the CARDHOLDER to the ISSUER. A card
    replacement fee shall be charged to the CARDHOLDER to
    cover replacement of the CARD(S).


    The ISSUER may, without prior notice, at any time and for
    whatever reason it may deem proper, amend, revise or
    modify the terms and conditions hereof, including the
    deemed to have accepted the change if the CARDHOLDER
    continues to retain or use the CARD.


    The CARDHOLDER undertakes to notify the ISSUER of any
    additional means of communicating to the CARDHOLDER
    aside from what is disclosed in the credit card application, as
    well as any change in the CARDHOLDER’s address, office or
    mailing address, e-mail, and telephone number. In case the
    mailing address is not Bainescredit through mail or delivery, the
    ISSUER has the option to use the other addresses notified to
    ISSUER. Notwithstanding this provision, the CARDHOLDER
    agrees that any communication sent to the card.

    Binding Effect
    The CARDHOLDER’s activation or use of the CARD shall be
    deemed as his/her acceptance of and agreement to be
    bound by these terms and conditions and such amendments
    hereof as may be made by the ISSUER from time to time. These
    terms and conditions shall bind the CARDHOLDER and his/her
    heirs, executors and administrators, and successors and
    assigns Signed Sealed and Delivered by the within named.